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A very good first animation!

This animation was nice to look at, listen to and over all an enjoyable experiance (all be it a short one), there was character development which is always good in an animation but to be honest is rarely seen nowadays in animations unless it is a series, the charecters are good as many people can relate to a person inside your animation. I myself would say i relate to scoot as i too have a tendency (and by tendency all the *£@$!!" time) to draw and doodle mid-class. All in all a smooth and crisp animation and it is a new thing to new grounds as you dont see many animations like this nowadays. i would give it a 10 out of 10 but the scene when in the hot tub has confused me, are they gay? ridculasly good friends? wearing any clothes at that point? Because of this little thing i am givving it a 9 and it is a well diserved 9 at that!

just WOW!!!!

this is amazing, you have really put allot of effort into this and it really shows but i dont belive it is better the Krinkles but its certainly close to his standard, i like the fact this has a L4D style to it especialy at the end with the boat and 4 PEOPLE, WHO HAVE BEEN LEFT FOR BLOOMIN DEAD! i would give it a 10 ot of 10 but cause you killed off a good douple of the survivers ill take one off, this should be a god damn cinematic movie!

Woo awsome!

this is an epic video and to those who wnat to know who the woman at the end in green is its 'The boss' Big bosses mentor and the sorrow! the bosses lover.

can you tell me where you got the song cause now i want it X3

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its pretty good although...

its a good game and it has a pretty good idead but when i figured out a way around being hit without cheating i got stuck in the pile of bodies so all i could do was blow up the heads, so try to fix the fact you can sometimes get stuck inside the pile. also move the ad, it really get annoying. also try and have levels so when you get say 50m high you win on that level and you get a choise of upgrades, and that u gain money on how many pepes u kill. an upgrade could be say a new weapon or maybe more grenades or more mind power and what not. also try to invlove more enemys and that you eventually fight a boss. say you find the evil mad man and you nedd to get to the top of another body pile to kill him.

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